Tool Cubbies: Under Cabinet Tool Storage


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These are some tool cubbies to go under my garage cabinets, they were inspired by Jimmy DiResta's tool storage. The tools moving here were previously on a french cleat system, but I found it to be finicky.

Sometimes the entire holder would come off the wall instead of the tool off of the holder, and placing some of the tools on their holder was like a balancing act.

The cubbies are a lot simpler to use. Just pull the tool out when you need it, and shove it back in when you are done. Plus, the cubbies are large enough that they provide enough room for all the accessories that go with these kinds of hand held tools. Most of the cubbies are 8" high by 11" wide, but I left one double size to store the glues and lubricants I use every time I am in the shop.

Overall this was a quick build that took less than 2 hours to put together. I have the benefit of a table, but all of the cuts could have been down with a circular saw. The nice thing about cubbies is you scale this to whatever size fits your needs.