I am Caleb Harris, making and teaching are two of my biggest passions, second only to being a husband and father.

YouCanMakeThisToo is about sharing what I've learned along my journey of making, whether that's furniture, content, or business; and connect with like minded individuals who are obsessed with creating and sharing.

But if you clicked this page, presumably you are seeking more information about me personally, and not just the community, so I'll share a few notable things that will hopefully provide a good perspective for understanding who I am.

Fortunately, I was raised in a rural county in Tennessee with one of the poorest school districts in the country. I say fortunately, because after finishing kindergarten my mother was prompted to undertake the monstrous task of educating my brothers and I by herself.

Being homeschooled allowed me to accelerate my schooling and do unconventional things, like spend four months working and living with various uncles were who professional contractors, and study during off time.

Learning at my own pace enabled me to start college at Austin Peay State University shortly before I turned 17. In 2008, I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice: Homeland Security and commissioned in the Army as an Engineer Officer. After a year of training, I moved to Germany and immediately deployed to Iraq. Two years later I deployed to Afghanistan.

After redeploying from Afghanistan, I moved back to the states and was stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. After six and a half years of service, I decided to resign my commission to spend more time with my family. Ideally, I wanted to start my own business and be able to set my own hours. I thought a legal career would be a good way to do that and still provide a good quality of life for my family.

So in 2014 I moved to Memphis and started working for the Shelby County Probate Court. The next year we had another son, and I started law school. My second year of law school I discovered content creation as a career option, which opened up a new world of possibilities.


Content creation would allow me to create my own business, make things, teach others, and support my family. My third semester of law school I launched my YouTube channel and started learning how to shoot and edit video.

And so that's where we are. I graduated law school with honors and went full time operating my content business, YouCanMakeThisToo, and commission business, The Custom Furniture Guy.