Garage Cabinets: Shop Cabinets with Magnetic Doors


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My shop needed more storage space, whose doesn't? A cabinet seemed like a good idea for variety of reasons, number one being that the shop had zero cabinets before this project.

The cabinet itself very simple and functional. Just four pieces of plywood pocket-holed together into a frame, plus a center divided and some cleats for screwing into studs.Where it gets interesting is I have had this idea stuck in my head for a while of wrapping a cabinet in sheet metal and using magnets to store tools on it. This posed a few problems.

The most difficult one though was that tools on the outside of the door meant the two middle doors would interfere with each other... at least if I went with the traditional four side hinged doors approach. That is what led me to the top hinged two door concept.

The doors are a little heavy to lift, but they do not interfere with each other. Also, because the tools are held in place by magnets, the pivoting up motion does not disturb them as much as swinging out laterally would, so everything stays in its place better.