Piano Bar: Upcycling an Upright Piano


This piano was destined for the trash, but I picked it up and turned it into a bar with pull storage!

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This is the second Piano Bar I have built. The first one is my personal bar and live in my living room, this one was built to sale.

I like having a pull out shelf where the keys normally are because it provides lots of extra working space.

It makes it a more versatile piece that can be a dry bar, or also used as a bar and buffet when entertaining.The harp is what makes a piano so heavy, it would be much lighter if I removed it, but I think the harp provides the most visual interest. There's just something about all those exposed strings.

Interestingly, it is not difficult to find free or cheap pianos, at least in my area. I just hop on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and there is at least one free piano a month being offered to anyone brave enough to move it.

There are lots of very creative things you can do with your piano bar in designing it. If you have done one, please send me a picture!