File Knife: Repurposing an Old File


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This was my first ever attempt at making a knife. I started with an old small file I had laying around and a random pen blank, I think it was rosewood.

First up was annealing the file by heating it with a MAP torch. The filed cooled quickly because it was so small. Then I shaped it on a slow speed 8" bench grinder. After it was shaped I heat treated it by heating it with the MAP torch until it lost magnetism and then quenching it in water. Some 220 grit sander paper cleaned it up.The first part of the handle build was drilling out the slot for the blade to fit into. I drilled some holes at the drill press with a bit the same thickness as the blade, and then used the drill press like a milling machine to bore out a slot. For shaping the handle I took my OWS spokeshave to it. This was my first time using my spokeshave on a project, and it was quite the treat.With the blade and handle complete, I set the blade into the slot using some five minute epoxy and tapped in a piece of brass rod. A file quickly brought the brass down flush with the handle. To finish this I tried something new and just dipped the handle in polyurethane and hung it dry. I do not recommend that, I was not pleased with the results. Wiping on the poly is definitely the way to go.I was in a time crunch to get this finished in time for a Christmas party so I did not get to sharpen it, but the recipient enjoys it nonetheless.