Blowing Hot Air: Failed Paint Sprayer Comparison


I attempted to do a TackLife and HomeRight paint sprayer comparison, but things didn't go according to plan.

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This was meant to be a showcase of these two sprayers. Not a winner/loser situation, just a side by side comparison by a beginner, for beginners, of some entry level spray guns.

But I was unable to do that, and actually ended up in a bit of a dilemma. I loathe painting so late last year I purchased the TackLife sprayer, I wasn't particularly impressed, but figured you get what you pay for.

Several months later I met the HomeRight folks at WorkBench Con and they offered to let me try their sprayers, I thought a comparison might be handy since both of these units are pretty comparable in price and features.

I put in a lot of prep work and got down to game down, but had a non-performer. One of the guns just wouldn't work, even though it had worked before. I don't want ever want to put a brand in a negative light, and defective products happen. Make tens of thousands of anything, and there's going to be some faulty units.

But, even though there was no contract or pay, I had given my word about delivering a comparison. Had I not given my word, I would have simply cut my losses, deleted the footage and moved on with life.

An obvious option is simply ordering another one and pretending the failure never happened. But, I'd reached out to the company before with no response, and I'm not keen on parting with more of my money for something I've already had a bad experience with to someone that doesn't respond.

So I pivot, fortunately the brand I gave my word to was understanding that I'd given my best effort to deliver, and instead of being about paint sprayers, this is about dealing with adversity.Sometimes stuff breaks, life just stinks, and there doesn't seem to be any good options. When that happens just stop, take a breath, have a think, and you'll find an answer. Most times that's going to involve something scary, giving other people the chance to be kind and understanding.I'm a recovering cynic, but I have to admit, I can't recall many instances of being disappointed when after giving it my best, I give others the chance to prove themselves to be compassionate and reasonable people.