Modified Paulk Workbench with Downdraft Table


Know what makes working a lot more fun? Having a good bench to work on. Know what’s not any fun? Building a workbench, without a workbench.

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Need a do it all workbench? Check out this modified Paulk Workbench. It is a fully functional workbench that includes a downdraft sanding table, is large enough for assemblies, and includes storage!

The cubbies underneath the work top provide a space to store your tools during projects, or convenient storage for those items you always need at your bench like screws, glue, drill bits, etc. The beauty of this bench is how customizable it is.

The base could easily be cabinets instead of open, a variety of vices could be added, a router table could be included. There is a wide range of possibilities.

I opted for the downdraft sanding table, a paper roll, and a small woodworker's vice.

My inspiration for this build came from Jay Bates Modified Paulk Bench:

Music by Joakim Karud