Miter Saw Station // How To


I was tired of using my miter saw on the floor and not having any storage in my shop, so I fixed it!

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A cabinet style miter saw station is a great way to gain a lot of storage and make your miter saw easier to use with solid material support and a stop block.  

I chose to build mine under my lumber to make it super easy to grab lumber and cut it down to length.

There are two sticking points when it comes to a station like this though, the cost in materials, and how much space they take up.  You can spread out the cost by building the station in stages.

 As you watch the video, you will see that I setup my saw and use it to help build the drawers, way before the entire thing is complete.  Why?  Because the working height, material support, and ability to clamp a stop block in place make using the miter saw that much easier.

As to how much space they take?  Well, you can cut down a lot on the footprint by building around a compact compound sliding miter saw, one that does not have the rails sticking out of the back.  By using the Hitachi C12RSH2 I saved about 13 square foot over using the more common style sliding miter saw.  (Hitachi did send me the saw free, but I am not being paid for it nor was I asked to say anything about it, everything I say is my own honest thoughts.)

That is nearly as much space as my cabinet table saw takes up, which is a lot of real estate in a two car garage!

There are only two competitors that I know of that also make a compact saw at this time, a Bosch and a Festool. As you can imagine, the Hitachi wins by a large margin in price point compared to those two. I have not used the other two so I cannot fairly comment on any quality difference, but my Hitachi was cutting perfect out of the box.  In the video you can see me making 24" crosscuts by flipping my piece, and it is hard to tell that it is not a single cut.  That is the precision I expect from my tools and I am happy to get it with this saw out of the box, with no need to fuss with it.

Here is the upside to all the space these things take up, nearly all of that space turns into storage!  There is no shortage of drawers in my shop now.  All that stuff I have been tripping over for awhile now finally has a home, and I have lots of empty drawers left to fill up.  

There is so much space I skipped a few drawers and tucked away my grinder and lathe tool grinding jig into one of the cabinets.I am already loving having this in my shop and use it a lot, but it is not complete.